Learn How To Maintain Your Car Mileage With The Following Tips

Many people do not take their time to consider their car mileage. Even so, it is important to know exactly the number of miles your car has covered and the fuel used. This way, you will be able to budget and plan your movements wisely. The following tips will help you in maintaining your mileage efficiently. 

Use The Clutch When Needed

It is against the driving ethics to drive your car with the clutch pressed. This always results in the unnecessary excessive consumption of fuel that results in a waste hence ending up with very high mileages that could have been avoided and maintained. Use the clutch only when necessary.

Regulate The Acceleration

Car experts have established that it takes much fuel to accelerate a car to its previous speed when it comes to a complete halt. This, therefore, means you can be able to save much fuel to by avoiding to hit full brakes as much as possible. Reduce all those emergency brakes too.

Go Slow On Speed

Most highway codes in the world allow for approximately between 105 – 110 km/h, above this speed, the mileage of your vehicle drops significantly as more engine power is used to overcome road drag, which means higher fuel consumption. There is no magic in getting to your destination faster, be smart and save fuel.

Check Your Tire Pressure Always

This is so important and cannot be ignored. When the tire pressure is low, rolling resistance on the road is heightened which eventually affects your car’s mileage. Always have a routine to at least have a thorough weekly check of your cars tire pressure.

Always Replace Old Tires

This is another simple way of saving on your fuel thereby maintaining your car mileage. When tires are too old, their rolling resistance increases, it is always recommended to find tires with low rolling resistance which might just cost you a little higher but will save on your fuel expenses a big fortune in the long run.

The Roof Rack

Occasionally you have to do long weekend drives with luggage on the roof rack, which is quite ideal. But when it is not used it compromises your car mileage by adding to the drag and that is the reason most car manufacturers recommend that you detach the rack when it is not going to be in use for a long time.

Always Check Your Air Filters And Change The Oil

The car filter defends the engine against the dust and dirt of the various road terrains. This after a long while becomes clogged with filth blocked from entering the engine. If not changed or cleaned promptly, your car engine won’t be able to such air correctly forcing your car to use much fuel for the smooth running of the car. Engine oil that is not changed regularly increases friction too which in turn causes a lot of fuel to be used.


As a smart driver, you can maintain the mileage of your car and keep it serving you for a longer period by simply applying the briefly mentioned above methods and at the same time have fewer expenses and give you value for your money (purchase price of the car).

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