Car Care Tips That Every Car Owner Should Try

If you think taking care of your car is an option, then you are too young to own a car. It is vital that you consistently take care of your car through maintenance processes and being cautious of anything that may be wrong. For you to take better care of your car, these car care tips will come in handy.

Attention To Funny Noises

Cars produce some degree of noise, proof that the car is ‘functioning’ but as a driver, you ought to watch out for weird noises. This noise could be as little as a funny squeak when you step on the gas. Some of these noises appear harmless, but for your car to serve you longer, such should be investigated and fixed as soon as needed.


Most accidents are traced from reckless driving. Flat tires are a subtle cause of accidents too. This can be avoided by always checking that your tires are well pressure inflated; the pressure shouldn’t be too low or too high.

Routinely Change Oil/The Car Fluids

Car oil is the blood of your car apart from fuel. When the oil is overused and dirty, friction will be too high, the engine overheats, and this will cause a breakdown. It is therefore wise to do a regular oil change.

Keep It Clean

Apart from cleaning the external parts of your car, it is very vital that the underside is cleaned. In muddy weathers, for example, it is obvious mud will stick under your car and if left, will cause rusting which eventually will damage some parts of the car.

Windscreen Wipers

Avoid blurred vision on the road by replacing the wiper blades at least once a year. When the blades get too old, they could either scratch the windscreen or fail to clear water. This poses a danger to you as the driver.

Improve Your Driving Habits

This is not a mechanical thing, but you can avoid the wear and tear damages by practicing sound driving habits. Slow down when approaching speed bumps for instance. Cars get damaged most when driving at excessively high speeds. Avoid emergencies, like unnecessary swerves or brakes.

Maintain The Car Paint

A car whose external is kept well attracts from afar. Always clean your car with the correct substances and not corrosive ones. Your car can look even better when you apply a coat of quality wax at least once every six months.

Replace The Hoses And Belts

These belts play a major role in the running of the various engine components, therefore save yourself a breakdown in the middle of nowhere by making sure these belts are not cracked, frayed, loose or frayed.

Avoid Running On Almost ‘E’ Fuel

The easiest way for you to damage your fuel pump is by running on almost an empty fuel tank as shown on the gauge. With little fuel, the pump will burn out because there is little gas covering it.


Check Brakes

Worn out brakes are a serious hazard, either leading to accidents or cars veering off the road, because of loose braking.  Never wait for your brakes to begin to squeal before replacing the pads; it might just be too late.


In conclusion, owning a car might not be a task, keeping the car functional always is the most important thing and with these few tips, you are good to go without a doubt in your endeavors.

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